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Sandeep Dress - By Hand London Sewing Pattern

£12.50 £16.50

Sandeep has a close fitting bodice with V-shaped darts, raglan flutter sleeves and a square faced neckline. Two asymmetric circle skirts are joined to a straight under skirt at the waist and mid thigh for the twirliest, swirliest experience you ever did sew! Option to make the skirt as a separate. 

Sandeep is a multi-sized sewing pattern from B Cup UK 2-24 / US 00-20 and D Cup UK 16-38 / US 12-34*.

*Please note - dressmaker's cup sizes have absolutely nothing in common with bra sizes! Dressmaker's cup sizes relate to the ratio between your high bust and full bust measurements, whereas your bra size relates to the ratio between your full bust and under bust measurements. A dressmaker's B cup indicates that the full bust that is 2" larger than the high bust, while a dressmaker's D cup indicates that the full bust that is 4" larger than the high bust.


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