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Buzzin' Bee Embroidery Kit - Natalie Gaynor Designs


The “Buzzin' Bee” hand embroidery kit contains all that you need to stitch your very own 4” buzzy bee hoop art. 

A modern take on an age old craft. This hand embroidery kit is perfect for those who are beginners and those that have experience with embroidery.

• Printed step by step guide
• Pattern to trace
• A heat erasible pen to trace your pattern onto the fabric
• 4” embroidery hoop
• Cotton fabric in your choice of white, grey or grey dot 

• Stabiliser square 
• 3 coloured embroidery threads: yellow, black and white

• 1x embroidery needle and decorative beads (Please take care when handling your needle)

• Backing card to finish your hoop

• Twine to hang your hoop 

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