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In-R-Form - Bosal Fusible Foam Stabiliser


We have run out of stock for this item.

In-R-Form - Bosal Fusible Foam Stabiliser.  Laminated napped tricot - doublesided, soft and formable, easy to stitch, needle friendly.

The price is per quarter metre, and this is 150cm Wide.

A unique fusible foam stabiliser/batting/wadding ideal for bag making. It is soft and formable, easy to stitch, and needle friendly. The foam gives stability and shape to your bags and other projects, whilst giving a really quite unique soft, padded feel. Bags stand up instead of slouching down over time!

Awesome when the bag is then quilted.

When fusing In-R-Form to any fabric, the most important thing to remember is to follow the instructions of the fabric you are using first.  In-R-Form can withstand the cotton setting on most irons.  Remember, if the fabric is fragile you must use the fabric as your guide, using the appropriate setting on the iron. For fusible product, always place In-R-Form under the fabric being fused: never place a hot iron directly onto the fusible side of In-R-Form.  In the case of doublesided In-R-Form, fabric must be placed on both sides of the fusible foam.

In-R-Form can be washed and tumble dried with NO heat or air dried.

The price is per quarter metre, and this is 150cm Wide.

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