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Book Stack Table Runner/ Wallhanging – Tutorial

Book Stack Table Runner/ Wallhanging – Tutorial

 This is a little bit of an improvised number – there’s not many exact
measurements, and the layout is pretty much as you want it to be.  Anyway – let’s go:

What you need:
60cm Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Steel
1 mini Tula Pink Layer Cake (or you could use scraps, you need pieces of varying sizes 2″ wide and 5-10″long)
50cm wadding
50cm backing fabric (we used this)
quilting thread – we used 50wt aurifil variegated in colour 4647 – it’s a perfect match!

First, take your layer cake, and cut all the pieces into 2″strips (you should get 5 out of each piece, but don’t worry too much if you don’t, there’s a little ease with amounts – although not too much!)
Then take your main fabric, and cut this into 2″strips too.  Take one of these strips, and divide in half, so you get 2 pieces approximately 22″ x 2″.  This will be your top and bottom pieces, and the guide to help you work out all your other pieces.

Here’s the bit where it get’s a little more freestyle.  The layout of the strips is down to your personal choice – you need to make your central pieces from between 10″ and 5″ wide, and adjust the grey strips accordingly on either side.  Lay out your strips in front of you, adjusting order, and widths as looks good to you.  I ended up with 29 strips (including my top and bottom pieces) – this could vary with yours according to how you’ve put together your strips, but it will be approximately this many.

 Making your full strips:

Lay a coloured strip on top of a grey strip, right sides facing.  Pin.  Sew along one side, with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
 Join another grey strip to the other side of the coloured strip, in the same way.
 Iron your seams open, trim to the same length as the top guide strip.
Joining strips together:
 Lay one strip grey strip on top of a pieced strip, lining up your edges, pin, and sew along the long edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance. 
 Press open, then add another pieced strip to the pieced strip, using the same method.
Keep on going, until you have something that looks a little like this.  Finish with a complete grey strip.  Press.  Trim to approximately 50cm, or what looks good to your finished stack.
Lay out your backing fabric, wadding, and quilt top in a sandwich, and
quilt as desired. I used the variegated thread in wavy lines to soften
up the blocks, and the colours of the thread worked nicely against both
the grey and the prints.  Trim the edges straight.
Join your remaining strips together, and press.  Fold in a quarter in seam along one long side, and press.  Sew to the front of your quilt sandwich as per the picture below.  Then fold over to the back, and slip stitch closed. 
And that’s it! You’re done!  It’s finished size should be approximately 50cm x 105cm.


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