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Doll’s Bed in a Suitcase Sew Along Part 3 – Sheets, Pillows, Duvets, Quilts

Doll’s Bed in a Suitcase Sew Along Part 3 – Sheets, Pillows, Duvets, Quilts

Bed without Sheets

Making Sheets, Pillows, Duvets, Quilts all in Minature
Fitted Sheet 

You will need:
Solid White Fabric:   We used Kona Solids White
Narrow elastic – 1/2 the length of the distance around the flat sheet.

Using the template created when you made your mattress,  cut a piece of white fabric that is the height of your mattress + 1cm larger all around than the template.  For us this meant using a piece of fabric that was 65cm wide.
Make sure all four corners are curves.  You can
either do this freehand, or use a compass or small side plate.  Press a 5mm hem all around the edge.  Then press a further 10cm.
You now need to sew your elastic into this hem.  I sewed it by anchoring it in one spot, and then threading it in as I went, but if you wanted to, you could thread it all in afterwards – but to me this seemed overly faffy.  I’m all for getting the job done as quickly as possible.
Fitted Sheet

You will need: 4 pieces of white fabric – 20cm x 15cm each. (you’ll probably have this leftover from one of the other parts of this project)

Sew two of your fabrics together, right sides facing, leaving a gap for turning in one of the long sides.  Turn the right way out.
Stuff firmly, then sew up the gap. Repeat for the second pillow.



For each pillow you will need:
1 piece of fabric 20cm x 15cm, 1 piece 25cm x 15cm

Hem the right hand edge of each piece, then, on the hemmed side, fold back the extra 5cm to the wrong side on the larger piece so it is the same size as the smaller piece.  Sew around all edges except for the folded hemmed side.
The duvet makes me so happy.  I don’t know why – I think it’s just mundane, everyday things look so adorable in miniature.
Firstly, your duvet needs to be a rectangle that measures the width of the mattress, by the width of the mattress + 5cm.  You’ll need 2 pieces of fabric that measure this size.  You’ll also need stuffing.
Wrong sides together, sew around the edge, leaving a turning gap that’s at least 15cm long at the bottom.  Turn the right way out.
Next is a complicated sounding but relatively simple process of stuffing and sewing.  You’ll need to divide your mattress up into sections approximately 8cm high each, with the opening at the bottom.
Duvet Sew Guide
Using the diagram above, you need to work a process of sewing the first line, stuffing this row lightly, then sew the next row from the other side.  Stuff this next gap, then repeat.  Sew and stuff, sew and stuff.  Once you’ve got to the bottom, lightly stuff, then sew your turning gap closed.
Duvet Cover
You will need:  Two pieces of fabric the same size as your duvet.  Snap fastener tape the length of one short end.
Stitch your snap fastener tape on the right side along one of the short edges of each piece of fabric, making sure that the snaps line up with each other.  Fold to the wrong side, and sew into place.
Lay right sides facing (once again making sure snaps match) and sew around all other edges.  Turn the right way out.
Well, every good bed has got to have a quilt, right?  I’m not going to tell you how to make the quilt, but use this as an opportunity to use up your scraps.  I did 9 squares (3×3) and a 2.5″ border.  Then made my quilt sandwich and bound it with bias tape.  Just make your quilt to the correct size for your bed.
And that’s it!  A doll’s bed.    Doesn’t it look cute? The doll is from the awesome Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern by Wee Wonderfuls – you can find it here.  I’d love to see all your versions – please show us!

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