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Promenade Sunday at Petworth House

Promenade Sunday at Petworth House

So how are you this fine sunny monday morning? I hope its as lovely where you are as here. Did you have a good weekend? Over at the eternal maker we had an official working sunday – but if only all work was as fun as this… We headed on over to Petworth House’s Promenade Sunday, a day they had organised to celebrate all things vintage. You could buy vintage clothes, get your hair and make up done, listen to the band, eat a cream tea and drink Pimms. Yum. That’s me and Rachael in our finery up there. We’re modelling some vintage specs that had lenses that were just a little bit too thick, and made us feel like we had partaken of a little too much Pimms.
Here’s our stall. Yeah, okay, we’re not vintage. But I like to think of what we do as creating future vintage. The stuff that will last – not the disposable items you can buy in the shops today. This is the stuff that is created with love, given with love, kept with love, and handed down to future generations with love. Future vintage.
The man on the left hand side fiddling with buttons is someone you may have heard me talk about, or may have met in store. But as an official introduction, meet Paul. He works in the shop Monday – Wednesday, and packs orders and answers the phone and is generally a very helpful individual. And fun to have around, too!
On to other things. This is a present for a friend. Made with the new echino London fabric – oh my, how gorgeous is this? So gorgeous, in fact, that I couldn’t bear to cut it up and made my first whole cloth quilt. Maybe a little less extravagant than some of the other whole cloth quilts that I have seen in my time.
Backed in a lovely lime essex linen, and bound in the echino natural purple. So simple, it took about 3 hours from start to finish
I left the selvedge on, partly because I love a good echino selvedge, and partly because it says London on it, and I liked that it sort of named the quilt too, that way.
And I did my favourite sort of quilting too – hand sewn big stitches, bold colours. Simple.
Anyway, that’s all on this lovely Monday. See you soon!
a x

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