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Anna's Favourite Tools - The Perfect Sewist Gift


We have run out of stock for this item.

I've put together a selection of the tools I use most in my sewing - from really good pressing tools to the sharp cutting tools, this set contains a set of tools that'll up your sewing to the next level.

Here's what the set contains:

A pair of precision duckbilled/ applique scissors. These sharp scissors are perfect for both applique projects, and dressmaking projects.  I use them for trimming and grading my seams, and cutting away any bulk in my project.

A pressing ham - this is an absolute must in any sewing toolbox.  My made up statistic is that 99% of good sewing is good pressing - it's SO important to getting that professional finish to your garments.

On the same theme of pressing, we've also included a 100% silk organza sheer pressing cloth.  If you want to be careful when pressing those delicate fabrics, or you just don't know how your iron is going to behave, use this cloth.  It's sheer enough for great heat transfer but provides that extra layer of security, whilst having the visibility to see what you're doing.

A set of Clover Chacopel pencils.  In my opinion, these are the best pencils on the market.  This pack includes 4 colours, which will cover every colour fabric you have.  The pencil goes on smoothly and easily brushes or washes out.

I love my expandable sewing gauge! Get perfectly even markings with this expanding gauge - mark pleats, buttonholes, anything you can think of.  And it's an immensely satisfying tool to look at too!

We've thrown in a hump jumper - this nifty little tool helps you sew over bulky seams to ensure your line of sewing remains smooth and even.  It can also help you sew on buttons!  It's also really useful for bag making - it'll help you sew over those thick straps with no problems.

A pair of thread snips is a super useful addition - snip those threads, snip those seam allowances, use to fish out your bobbin thread, keep these on hand by your machine for when you need them.

And finally, one of the most useful tools in my box, is my awl, otherwise known as a pokey tool!  This handy object is often in my hands when sewing - I use it as a third hand at the sewing machine to help feed things through, help things lay flat, and also it's great for making holes in things - for installing snaps, rivets, and eyelets!

We've put all these things into a large project bag for you - ready for you to store your next project in!

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