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Stick Stitch N Rinse - Wash Away - Bosal Embroidery Stabiliser


Please note that our fabrics are sold by the quarter metre (25cm) increment. 

19'/ 49cm wide.

Bosal Stick-Stitch-N-Rinse Wash-Away Stabilizer is used on the top of napped fabric during embroidery.

This 100% polyvinyl prevents embroidery threads from sinking into plush fabrics. To use Bosal Stick-Stitch-N-Rinse Wash-Away Stabilizer, remove the paper backing and stick it to the top of your hooped fabric. After sewing, Bosal Stick-Stitch-N-Rinse Wash-Away Stabilizer washes away easily. Stick, Stitch, and Rinse is ideal for plush fabrics such as fleece, velvet, and terry cloth.