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Floral Brick Wall Cot Quilt Tutorial

Floral Brick Wall Cot Quilt Tutorial

It’s a bit bleak today, in that cold quiet time between Christmas and New Year, and sometimes all you need to cheer you up are some bright and cheefully sunny florals.  Just before Christmas I made a quick beginner’s cot quilt – perfect for scraps, or your first quilt for your new baby. Or size up, and make a lap or bed quilt. 2-3 times as much fabric should make a good lap quilt to snuggle under the sofa with.  Here’s a quick tutorial!

You will need: 4.5″ x width of fabric of 10 different fabrics – we’ve put together a kit, here.

Wadding – 1m x 1.1m
Backing – 1m x 1.1m

Cut each strip of your fabric into 8.5″ ‘bricks’. You should get 4 or 5 bricks out of each strip.

Cut this from all your fabrics, and then make piles, in the same order, of one of each of your different fabrics.

Then take each pile, and sew them into big long strips.  You can even sew each long strip together at this point, so that all your fabric is in one huge mile long (almost) strip.  Your seam allowance for the whole project should be 1/4″.

Once you’ve done this, you need to take the first section of the strip, and count 4 1/2 bricks in, and cut at this point (so brick 5 is cut in half).
Then sew this cut off piece to your long strip – with the other half of brick 5  forming the first part of the next row (sewn to brick 1).

Carry on in this format – the end of row 2 will be a full brick, row 3 will be a half brick, and so on.

Carry on until you have no more rows to sew – this should be  10 rows!
Lay your finished quilt top on top of your wadding.  For this quilt I have used the backing and binding in one, which is a really nice neat finish.  I’ll show you how next.
Quilt the top onto the wadding.  I just quilted along every other line.  Then trim your wadding to the same size as your quilt top.  Lay this finished piece on top of your backing, centering it so there should be around 2″ excess fabric on either side.  For our backing in our sample, we used a gorgeous peppered cotton

Fold and press this 2″ in half, and then towards the quilt, pinning it to the quilt top as you go.  When you get to each corner, fold at a diagonal to create a mitred point.  Once done, sew around the edge of the quilt, increasing your stitch length slightly.  Now, snuggle.

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