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What can I make with pre-Quilted Fabric?

What can I make with pre-Quilted Fabric?

We’ve just had in a delivery of the most gorgeous Nani Iro pre-quilted double gauze, and already we’re wondering about all the lovely things we can make with this pre-quilted fabric!  The options are endless, but as it’s a little unusual, we decided to put together a quick run-down of ideas for you.

Quilted jacket

Whether it’s to wear indoors or out, a quilted jacket in Nani Iro is perfection.  We think the Grainline Studios Tamarack Jacket would be a perfect pattern for this.  In fact, Jen at Grainline has already put together a post to help you use a pre-quilted fabric for this.

The particular fabrics we have in would also work really well for baby clothes.  The Oliver + S Lullaby Layette Jacket would be adorable!

Baby Booties!

We also think you could use one of our free tutorials, our baby booties!  You’ll want to bind around the edges to cover the raw edges, but I’m pretty sure it will work!

Simple quilt/ mat

Use some satin/ silky bias binding to bind the edges of a metre of this lovely fabric, and you’ve got yourself the most easy quilt in history.  Perfect for baby gift giving!

Baby Sleep Sack

You’ve only got to look at Pinterest to get inspired for this one.  How beautiful will this be in the pastel colourful pocho?


We love this Puffy Tote tutorial by Purl Soho!  Simple and easy, this effective tote will give you comfort and use – fill it up and give it a squeeze whenever you need a hug!

We’d love to know what you’d do with it – what ideas do you have?

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