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Schoolhouse Mark 2

Schoolhouse Mark 2

It’s hard really to know where to start talking about such a big day.  With such a huuuuge undertaking it seems tricky to boil it down to one point, to begin.  But here goes:
95 ladies, 10 teachers, 1 primary school, and an infinite amount of fun and creativity.  Those are the basic facts.
Here were the teachers: 
Amanda Fowler – Using shrink plastics, chain, beads, inks, stamps, & cord, some lovely jewellery was made –
Debs Winrow from Delish Designs – another great Delish mini album
Mandy Shaw’s gorgeous linen, red gingham & ribbon scissor keep – matching the lovely pincushion from last July 
Sue Allan’s funny felt buttoned up bears..
Jane Gill’s living floral punch craft flowers…
Jane Randall’s layer cake delight – using a moda layer cake, some quick cutting & stitching, et voila! It’s a cushion, or a table runner or the start of a quilt!
Corinne Amos made some fab fimo millefiore beads
Kim Reygate was stamping with chalks…
Sandy Bower was making folded boxes – an ever popular class!
and last but not least, Carolyn Forster made these fabby – let’s see if I can get this right: ‘poor man’s biscorneau’ and a project bag – all in one hour!!
Add to that lunch, cakes, afternoon tea, goody bags and all the usual excitement and kerfuffle and that is school house!
So all that remains to be said is thank you for everyone coming – I hope you enjoyed it!
And thank you once again to all those who helped on the day, and in the run up and wind down too, it was greatly appreciated and much needed!
 I would post more pictures but silly blogger won’t let me…
A x

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