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The Sinister Penguins

The Sinister Penguins

It seemed like I told so many people at the Festival of Quilts that these Kokka penguins were somewhat sinister, that I thought I should make a card to celebrate the fact. Ok, so I was bored after work, that weird boredom where you really should just go home, but to motivate yourself to lock up and turn out the lights, get yourself home.. well, just a little too much without a little relaxation with fabric.
I do think these penguins look sinister. Many people at the show looked at me strangely when I said that, but I hold to my words. It’s all in the eyes. Despite this, however, it doesn’t stop me loving them far more than you should love fabric. I would love to upholster some stools in this for a kitchen – mind you, I say that about most Kokka fabrics.
Someone at the show said they looked like penguin books, with the orange. I thought about making a card that was somehow inspired by that, but decided that was someone elses inspiration, not mine. So this is mine. I know who I’m going to give it to, and no matter what any of you say about this card, I know she’ll love it.

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